ah well, there're always things to say everyday....issues keep on crawling up the few front pages of every newspaper, like there's no end to it. even when you're surfing the net, thougths would always pop out into your mind when you come across something that catches your attention, right?
Man, i wish i'd swung the ball out of the park and mingle around the trusty companions of mine like i used to in the past..

things are getting much complicated nowadays and i have piles of assignment to submit. lately i'd always wondered, why are some seem indifferent towards having these?

and i came to a conclusion....to a resolution towards the anguish that i've been feeling....towards the despair that i've been revolving around ever since...

it's TIME. it's about how I concern about my TIME. it's about how I used my TIME.

there has been a lot of idioms proposed by the human beings concerning about it....and it somehow explains how worthy the TIME is.

that's why the arabics said once, 'TIME is just like a blade. if you don't cut it, it'll cut you'

that's why the english said once, 'procrastination is the thief of TIME'

and that's also why the Malay said once, 'TIME is golden'

well, better think about it again, and better yourself. TIME is not something that you could afford to lose.=X


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