At last, my first ever blog-post finally comes in...
hard to believe that i've managed to supress my desire of having an early nap this night and make use of this short span of time to at least, post sumthin in this space. it's 2304 already and usually this's my snoring time already but not for today, as i'm very much energetic this night as to delay my napping time for another 3 hours, insyaAllah...

well, it's been the 27th day since the fasting month begin and guess what the figure tells me now?
a)'eidulfitri is just around the corner-maybe there's a truth behind it, but not in prior of this case.
b)tonight is most probably the lailatul-qadr-who can be anytime throughout the holy month of Ramadhan...maybe it has passed(if this's the case, hopefully i was doing qiam that night=_=)
c)you've got no more time to lose.take it or leave it. reflect on yourself, on what you've been doing all this time because it only comes once a year, for it's the holiest of all the holies!!-clearly, this's the answer.

so...what's the fuss with the lambo up there?O_0 what does it has to do with the month?
apparently, i was somehow inspired to come up with this quote yesterday and....i've never thought it's gonna fit in perfectly with Ramadhan....yeah, somehow u could detect the correlation between the subjects, couldn't u?

just sharing, this's the quote:

i'd said that it's a lambo indeed,too fast a movement that it always leaving us behind, unable to get a hold of it. the only way to be parallel with it is to drive INSIDE it. well, that's Ramadhan.