My time...when will it come?

Can't believe that i'm updating the blog right now....after some months not doing anything with it. it's really hard to come up with something interesting, isn't it? guess i'm not used to write like this....i mean, writing sumthin useful for people's thoughts, sumthin for them to ponder upon, sumthin for them to think and argue about. well, this's just not my style.

It's 14 of february already....specifically, 29 of safar. and i'm fully aware that the final exam is just around the corner, in fact, i'm already at the junction, watching it lying there, just waiting to make the first step to face it off, head on. this's not the time to grieve over the past. just how they said, let bygones be bygones. i'll just have to see this as my last chance, and i have to unleash everything that i' ve been hiding. in the end, the basis; the exam result is what matters the most. seems that i'm again, exaggerating too much. well, all i can say is that i am SO SPIRITED UP today!! erm....went out to bid farewell to my cousin this morning, who has just taken her flight to New Zealand..... and yeah, she's studying TESL. everybody there was so joyed up, as expected. well, what's more? somebody in the family has just been given the ticket for an oversea study, so their responds are all under expectation. for the youngsters, especially, hopefully they'll find this experience useful.
of course, i can't help thinking about this; when will my time come? apparently, was interviewed by 2 universities; cardiff and belfast. haven't got any answer yet from both. the belfast interview was on the last thursday, so it's gonna take a while before the result is announced. as for cardiff, so far no one mail has been sent to me, to notify my success nor to reject me. anyway, regardless of any result that might come out, i believe i'll just have to stay put. i'll just have to focus on the final exam so that there's sumthin to cover me up, in case sumthin unexpected happens in term of the interview.

sorry, i'm just expressing my feelings for today. haven't thought of sumthin nice to put here, and i'll come up with it later.(=__=)