ah well, there're always things to say everyday....issues keep on crawling up the few front pages of every newspaper, like there's no end to it. even when you're surfing the net, thougths would always pop out into your mind when you come across something that catches your attention, right?
Man, i wish i'd swung the ball out of the park and mingle around the trusty companions of mine like i used to in the past..

things are getting much complicated nowadays and i have piles of assignment to submit. lately i'd always wondered, why are some seem indifferent towards having these?

and i came to a conclusion....to a resolution towards the anguish that i've been feeling....towards the despair that i've been revolving around ever since...

it's TIME. it's about how I concern about my TIME. it's about how I used my TIME.

there has been a lot of idioms proposed by the human beings concerning about it....and it somehow explains how worthy the TIME is.

that's why the arabics said once, 'TIME is just like a blade. if you don't cut it, it'll cut you'

that's why the english said once, 'procrastination is the thief of TIME'

and that's also why the Malay said once, 'TIME is golden'

well, better think about it again, and better yourself. TIME is not something that you could afford to lose.=X

1,2, restart.

i'm watching the aston-chelsea match right now=)....only 2 minutes left and aston is leading 2-1 over the blues. but i got the instict that the blues would turn around the table any moments now...after all they won't be called the giants for no reason, right?

the intention is just to share this valuable experience of mine, that may possibly come in handy for you when blogging your things up.

it was a few days ago, when some of my companions told me that the blog needs to be improvised somehow.

"if you keep on writing like this, nobody's gonna read it. the points might be interesting in a way, but the presentation isn't really appealling. need an improvement in that.", syukran rabb for bestowing me this companion.

well, to put it simple, here're the list of probable improvements suggested by him:

1) paragraphing is important. keep ur mind in that sense.

2) read others' blogs. that's how you learn different styles of writing the blogs.

3) initiate ur blog with just a simple post.....snappy but attractive. no need to be lenghty becoz people typically are bored reading a hell long piece of an essay.

4) keep a space in between the paragraphs to make it easier to read.

summing all up, obviously there's no point writing sumthin' that no one would possibly read right?yeah, it's true that in a sense, blog is personnal. but it's also true that there could be millions of blogworms out there reading it in the same time. so better make it readable, isn't it?^^

a struggle...

Suddenly i feel like being at the verge of my sanity already....
home works keep on piling up unstoppable...
whenever one is done, others come immediately afterwards...
and when i think about it again, i 'll start to ask myself..
"why is this happening to me? why couldn't i end up finishing all assignments by the end of the day?"
"silly me," and that's what the other side of me replies...
"chill up.dont let them get u down.whenever u feel down, go get ur friends, ur usrahmates or anybody to cover u up. after all it's the IB u r talking about. there's no way u can proceed to the next stage without the supports from the others.SUCCESS IS NOT A PERSONAL BELONGING."
"easy to talk.u r not the one who is feeling it. be in my shoes and u'll know how useless those babblings of urs."I said.
"submit to it then! it's not the one who falls is the failure but those who fail to get up after falling down. Rasulullah was much more troubled than u but he never gives in. he was freakin' beaten up during his first visit to Thaif but he never turns around.nobody's around to cheer him up except for the Jibrail's offer to sweep off the villagers dead but he still didn't submit to his pain. Stick to ur aim and nah, that's YOUR PATH UP UNTILL THE END."