the value of a mistake..

yusuf islam; he looks nice with beard on him

what done is done, that's the real thing.
my bad, coz i did the wrong thing then
it never comes across my mind that i should not easily let things spit out of my mouth
again, maybe i was too self-centered and that gave a rise to a foolishness without me myself noticing it

to put it simple, i spoke a wrong thing the other day
to the friend that i've just started to confide in
it was a serious thing, but i treated it as a mere debate between two different views, two different perspectives.
"how valid is it for personal opinions to slot in when arguing about sunnah?"
was what i thought immediately after

"as a matter of fact, sunnah is actually what the prophet Muhammad S.A.W do (fi'li), say (qouli), have in appearance (sifah), or what he left (taqriri).
so unless you got another valid source to back you up, don't say a word against it
avoid any possibility that might lead you to go against the prophet, and perhaps, the deen that he brought."


"don't mistaken other's perception as a truth"

basically, these are the lessons i learnt from our dispute that day.


just to share with my fellow subordinates
this was how the story goes;

my friend, he told me that he want to grow beard once the school ended, and he'll be meeting me during the graduation day with a foot-long beard grown on his face.
i never think of that, so i said i rather not. i would prefer my face to be clear. with no beard, i mean.
"why", he said. "it's how the sunnah goes".
i've heard about it a long time ago, when i was in my high school. but it never come across my mind till now. how am i supposed to recall it when no one is mentioning it?
"yeah. aren't there sunnahs other than 'appearances' that we should prioritize first? besides, i dont feel that comfortable having a beard", was what i said, i think. it has been 3 days since then, so i'm a superman with a superpower memory if i could exactly remember those conversation words by words.
well, having said that, i felt uncomfortable. seemingly my heart was telling me that i just said something wrong. too late for amendment.
"so you're saying that sunnahs are 'uncomfortable'? 'unsmart'? apip, behind every sunnah is a success.", he said.
"that's just what people used to say", i added.
"lets take a look at the Uhud conflict. why did the muslim lose? coz they didn't follow the sunnah (referring to 'what the prophet said')."
"that's not a sunnah. that's the prophet's order", i said.
basically, the debate goes on until the adzan was being cited.

so i asked my other friend regarding this, "is it sahih; the sunnah that says to grow beard?". "yes", he said.
"so can someone put that one aside, and prioritizes others instead?", i asked.
"it's a khilaf nowadays. but you shouldn't point it that way. that's still what the prophet did, right. would the prophet S.A.W do something 'uncomfortable' or 'unsmart'?", he said (wasn't exactly what he said, just based on my understanding). i felt a cat-paw slash in my heart.
"if it's based on people's perception that growing beard is an 'unsmart' act, then it's our responsibility to correct this perception by making it 'smart' to grow beard instead.", he added.

silly me, for i just spit out things without knowledge.
immediately i remembered a hadith that goes like, "silence is better than speaking"

oh well, looking at the bright side, at least i've learnt something that day =)
it is a whole lot better than not knowing about the truth, and repeating the same mistake all over again.
now i just have to make myself alarmed with this matter. improvement comes only from a mistake, isn't it?

hope you find this post useful =)
(sorry, i'm just testing out this new style of writing X))


assalamualaikum, great post, i've learn something from it.thanx pip =)


i'm expecting great responses from 'the readers' for this great post, if you know what i mean.huhu :P


hopefully. i expected nothing.=P


hahah, now you're trying to be colourful~

ohoh, now i get the better picture...
hope you guys have been reading each other's blog...

berlapang dadalah apabila bertembung dengan pendapat yang berbeza...
khilaf itu rahmat, perpecahan itu tercela...
wallahu a'lam.


sorry x sempat bce blog ko
sorry la apip kalau ak bg analogi salah
sbb ak time 2 xde mse utk berpikir..
n kalu ko nak tau
ak nh ak sensitip ttg sunnah..
alangkah sronoknye kalau sume org ikut sunnah.. dari sunnah plg besar(dakwah) sampai sekecil2 sunnah(membuang sampah di jalan/ mengalihkan benda berbahaya di jalan)


一個人的價值,應該看他貢獻了什麼,而不是他取得了什麼 ..................................................


Perhatian.. Blog anda kini dalam pemerhatian budak2 KMB..hampir semua blog kmb-ians batch 08-10 ada dalam nh. so rajin2 la update blog anda untuk brada di tangga tratas..hua3

p/s:kalau xske blog anda dipamerkan.. boleh bgtau saya dlm chatbox belah kiri blog.atau nk edit url pon bgtau kat dalam 2..atau nk tambah url blog kwn/anda..kat dalam 2 pown bleh bubuh..hu2








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