finally, the daunting, yet strenuous series of days of the exam week have officially ended. what's more to say? i guess i was not doing that well for this sem .....but that shouldn't be a problem. it has been like a tradition here, y' know. students keep on 'displaying' their worst performance in the 3rd sem rather than other sems.....apparently that was told by my biology teacher once; to be burdened by the up-piling assignments, plus all the deadlines thruout the sem, it's really not an easy feat. well, i'd say that it's the TIME, ur usage of the TIME that play the biggest role in achieving success.

"the electron pairs shud be surrounding the chiral atom of the molecule,"foolishly i created up a fact once, in the middle of the Chemistry HL class. worse, she's right in front of me, since i'm the only good guy to sit in the front, exactly facing the teacher's table. no doubt, she heard every single word of it.

"it's not called the chiral, hafiz! we only come across the term in optical isomerism, not in.........(i forgot wut topic was we discussing on =_=). it only exists when the carbon atom is attached to 4 different groups," credits for the fact i created, i learnt something new in turn. i nod my head several times, followed by some chuckles by the boys. i wonder what was funny then?

back to the lovely dorm, i kept on having that new term playing inside my mind. well, you cud say that optical isomerism arises in the prsence of the chiral carbon, making it significant in an organic compund, right? but what about if we look at it in term of the living realm as a whole? what lessons does it provide to us, the human? (it seems weird and unnatural to think like this but i actually did, somehow.) and the answer that i've revealed......would be the continuation of THE CORE, as promised before.

pic: chirality in alanine
i've got lots to write but i'll try to make it snappy. relate to the story above....i would start off saying that you cud list out many ways to become a good da'ie (those who perform da'wah to the others). being thiqqah, istiqomah in doing good deeds, wisdom, knowledgeable and stuffs. but there's yet another important quality that you shall never take lightly; being a CHIRAL CARBON ^0^!!

hehe, you must have figured it out haven't u? yeah, exactly.being a CHIRAL CARBON doesn't have anything to do with showing isomerism or stuffs. you'll have to get into the society (the mad'uu(s)), and mingle with them. be like a chiral carbon, get in touch with different sorts of people and get to understand them. this way, people would automatically grow respect towards you, and no doubt, they'll start to listen to you and what you've got to spit out. weren't all of these make sense?=0. hurm, why did Allah created tribes in the first place, u tell me:

"O mankind! We have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another. Verily, the most honourable of you with Allah is that (believer) who has At-Taqwa . Verily, Allah is All-Knowing, All-Aware." (al-hujjrat, 49:13)

well, it's pretty obvious that islam won't spread out if one keep on revolving around the liking of him. Rasulullah even said once, something like "if you befriend with the perfume seller, you'll get the fragrance,....."it looks quite related to the topic, i assume? in a way, the perfume and its fragrance could resemble islam itself, and it spreads to the others by the mean of friendship. i wrong to come up with my own assumption?? plz tell me if you think i'm wrong in that sense. i need guidance~

p/s: look around u. there're so many things you can learn from. Allahuakbar, He does not create anything for nothing ^_^. be continued?


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