the value of a mistake..

yusuf islam; he looks nice with beard on him

what done is done, that's the real thing.
my bad, coz i did the wrong thing then
it never comes across my mind that i should not easily let things spit out of my mouth
again, maybe i was too self-centered and that gave a rise to a foolishness without me myself noticing it

to put it simple, i spoke a wrong thing the other day
to the friend that i've just started to confide in
it was a serious thing, but i treated it as a mere debate between two different views, two different perspectives.
"how valid is it for personal opinions to slot in when arguing about sunnah?"
was what i thought immediately after

"as a matter of fact, sunnah is actually what the prophet Muhammad S.A.W do (fi'li), say (qouli), have in appearance (sifah), or what he left (taqriri).
so unless you got another valid source to back you up, don't say a word against it
avoid any possibility that might lead you to go against the prophet, and perhaps, the deen that he brought."


"don't mistaken other's perception as a truth"

basically, these are the lessons i learnt from our dispute that day.


just to share with my fellow subordinates
this was how the story goes;

my friend, he told me that he want to grow beard once the school ended, and he'll be meeting me during the graduation day with a foot-long beard grown on his face.
i never think of that, so i said i rather not. i would prefer my face to be clear. with no beard, i mean.
"why", he said. "it's how the sunnah goes".
i've heard about it a long time ago, when i was in my high school. but it never come across my mind till now. how am i supposed to recall it when no one is mentioning it?
"yeah. aren't there sunnahs other than 'appearances' that we should prioritize first? besides, i dont feel that comfortable having a beard", was what i said, i think. it has been 3 days since then, so i'm a superman with a superpower memory if i could exactly remember those conversation words by words.
well, having said that, i felt uncomfortable. seemingly my heart was telling me that i just said something wrong. too late for amendment.
"so you're saying that sunnahs are 'uncomfortable'? 'unsmart'? apip, behind every sunnah is a success.", he said.
"that's just what people used to say", i added.
"lets take a look at the Uhud conflict. why did the muslim lose? coz they didn't follow the sunnah (referring to 'what the prophet said')."
"that's not a sunnah. that's the prophet's order", i said.
basically, the debate goes on until the adzan was being cited.

so i asked my other friend regarding this, "is it sahih; the sunnah that says to grow beard?". "yes", he said.
"so can someone put that one aside, and prioritizes others instead?", i asked.
"it's a khilaf nowadays. but you shouldn't point it that way. that's still what the prophet did, right. would the prophet S.A.W do something 'uncomfortable' or 'unsmart'?", he said (wasn't exactly what he said, just based on my understanding). i felt a cat-paw slash in my heart.
"if it's based on people's perception that growing beard is an 'unsmart' act, then it's our responsibility to correct this perception by making it 'smart' to grow beard instead.", he added.

silly me, for i just spit out things without knowledge.
immediately i remembered a hadith that goes like, "silence is better than speaking"

oh well, looking at the bright side, at least i've learnt something that day =)
it is a whole lot better than not knowing about the truth, and repeating the same mistake all over again.
now i just have to make myself alarmed with this matter. improvement comes only from a mistake, isn't it?

hope you find this post useful =)
(sorry, i'm just testing out this new style of writing X)) seems that the holiday's going to end soon.(WHAT? ALREADY??O_o)

actually, i know, and i believe, everybody knows that this's not the first time we felt the same thing. we've been living in the system for 4 sems already, which particularly equivalent to 3 midsems breaks, and coincidentally, all of them are just before the sem exams.

maybe because of the solemn approach (and of course, nerve-wrecking to some others) of the upcoming IB final exam perhaps, the remaining one month seems to be pretty valuable. and maybe, if time is purchasable, everybody would likely spend on it right now, despite how much it might cost. erm....basically, this's how our schedule would look like for the final one month:

~next week, we're going to have some kind like an examination 'rehearsel' for maths. sounds pretty gruelling, doesn't it?haha........YES INDEED!

~2 weeks from now on, the IRP month will soon start off. particularly challenging for the grp leader...have to come up with ways to approach the grp's not as easy as it sounds, really=0

~some weeks after the holiday......the mock examination will be up. certainly, they're going to give u the November session of the last year IB exams. some said that they're a lot harder than the one we, our seniors, our super seniors answer in May. how true is that?=[

~exactly the next one and a quarter month, it'll finally unveil itself. the IB exam that has always been the final battlefield of an IB student, is going to show up and clarify everything; students' will towards their dreams, and all =O

With all the foregoing points i wrote down earlier, I could come up with just this single advice to all; stop grieving over the past, and look at what lies ahead in the future-ur dreams, hopes, and everything that might have placed you here-and think of a way to achieve them.=)

tremendous amount of tasks for an offer^^

okay, just to make it straight, I've finally been offered to further my study at the Queen Uni Belfast=). well, just a conditional offer anyway, yet alhamdulillah, thank you Allah, for shining me the hope at the moment when my sanity was at its verge ^^....honestly, i was so scared, in case I'm not offered anywhere. i always know, that that's not supposed to be the way i would react, but i just can't get a hold of it, i mean, the overflowing stream of my emotion. this is the way i've been living in, and this's also the way i have always dealt with it.

again, alhamdulillah. now what's left is only the upcoming examination, which would reveal itself on the 4th of May. the first paper would be MATHS, and i don't know whether it sounds encouraging and hopeful to me, or neither or worse, the opposite of it......(!!!!!!)

i met Pn siti (my math teacher) the other day. yeah, as expected, she has exactly the same idea as mine regarding the exam schedule. she said something like "maths paper on even the 1st day is worrisome, worse if it effects the papers on the following days."(not exactly what she said, i just add on the other words based on what I understood). yet, hearing that out of her mouth, had somehow instilled some kind of 'encouragement' inside me, making me realize that I REALLY HAVE TO STUDY THE MATHS DURING THIS HOLIDAY AND SCORE IN IT. Well, this is what i was doing an hour ago, before typing in all of THESE stuffs into the blog. hopefully this spirit remains as it is thruout this remaining one week of holiday..T_T

So, reading out all of these, don't u feel like something ticking ur nerve?well, i did.

in a way, i could somehow relate this to a verse i just read through:

"Do men think that they will be left alone on saying, "We believe", and that they will not be tested? We did test those before them, and God will certainly know those who are true from those who are false." (al-ankabut, 29: 2-3)

the same as the foregoing situations i wrote earlier, there's only one conclusion i could come up with; iman, success, or generally things that bring about happiness, prosperity are not as easy to grasp as it seems. To be exact, sacrifices and extra efforts are undoubtedly the vital investments here.

u know, just like establishing a business, a printing business for example, the CPU itself might cost u hundreds already. yet, it's still not a printing business without the printers, isn't it? plus the printer, u may as well spend another hundreds for it!. "what a sacrifice!!", u might say. see? that's why the oldies said once; how to make an omelet without cracking the eggs in the first place?no venture no gain, bro=_=. no yet tested, shouldn't say nothing high about our own iman.

okay, that's all i can say today~~ will try to put something nicer the next time i blog up again~~

My time...when will it come?

Can't believe that i'm updating the blog right now....after some months not doing anything with it. it's really hard to come up with something interesting, isn't it? guess i'm not used to write like this....i mean, writing sumthin useful for people's thoughts, sumthin for them to ponder upon, sumthin for them to think and argue about. well, this's just not my style.

It's 14 of february already....specifically, 29 of safar. and i'm fully aware that the final exam is just around the corner, in fact, i'm already at the junction, watching it lying there, just waiting to make the first step to face it off, head on. this's not the time to grieve over the past. just how they said, let bygones be bygones. i'll just have to see this as my last chance, and i have to unleash everything that i' ve been hiding. in the end, the basis; the exam result is what matters the most. seems that i'm again, exaggerating too much. well, all i can say is that i am SO SPIRITED UP today!! erm....went out to bid farewell to my cousin this morning, who has just taken her flight to New Zealand..... and yeah, she's studying TESL. everybody there was so joyed up, as expected. well, what's more? somebody in the family has just been given the ticket for an oversea study, so their responds are all under expectation. for the youngsters, especially, hopefully they'll find this experience useful.
of course, i can't help thinking about this; when will my time come? apparently, was interviewed by 2 universities; cardiff and belfast. haven't got any answer yet from both. the belfast interview was on the last thursday, so it's gonna take a while before the result is announced. as for cardiff, so far no one mail has been sent to me, to notify my success nor to reject me. anyway, regardless of any result that might come out, i believe i'll just have to stay put. i'll just have to focus on the final exam so that there's sumthin to cover me up, in case sumthin unexpected happens in term of the interview.

sorry, i'm just expressing my feelings for today. haven't thought of sumthin nice to put here, and i'll come up with it later.(=__=)


finally, the daunting, yet strenuous series of days of the exam week have officially ended. what's more to say? i guess i was not doing that well for this sem .....but that shouldn't be a problem. it has been like a tradition here, y' know. students keep on 'displaying' their worst performance in the 3rd sem rather than other sems.....apparently that was told by my biology teacher once; to be burdened by the up-piling assignments, plus all the deadlines thruout the sem, it's really not an easy feat. well, i'd say that it's the TIME, ur usage of the TIME that play the biggest role in achieving success.

"the electron pairs shud be surrounding the chiral atom of the molecule,"foolishly i created up a fact once, in the middle of the Chemistry HL class. worse, she's right in front of me, since i'm the only good guy to sit in the front, exactly facing the teacher's table. no doubt, she heard every single word of it.

"it's not called the chiral, hafiz! we only come across the term in optical isomerism, not in.........(i forgot wut topic was we discussing on =_=). it only exists when the carbon atom is attached to 4 different groups," credits for the fact i created, i learnt something new in turn. i nod my head several times, followed by some chuckles by the boys. i wonder what was funny then?

back to the lovely dorm, i kept on having that new term playing inside my mind. well, you cud say that optical isomerism arises in the prsence of the chiral carbon, making it significant in an organic compund, right? but what about if we look at it in term of the living realm as a whole? what lessons does it provide to us, the human? (it seems weird and unnatural to think like this but i actually did, somehow.) and the answer that i've revealed......would be the continuation of THE CORE, as promised before.

pic: chirality in alanine
i've got lots to write but i'll try to make it snappy. relate to the story above....i would start off saying that you cud list out many ways to become a good da'ie (those who perform da'wah to the others). being thiqqah, istiqomah in doing good deeds, wisdom, knowledgeable and stuffs. but there's yet another important quality that you shall never take lightly; being a CHIRAL CARBON ^0^!!

hehe, you must have figured it out haven't u? yeah, exactly.being a CHIRAL CARBON doesn't have anything to do with showing isomerism or stuffs. you'll have to get into the society (the mad'uu(s)), and mingle with them. be like a chiral carbon, get in touch with different sorts of people and get to understand them. this way, people would automatically grow respect towards you, and no doubt, they'll start to listen to you and what you've got to spit out. weren't all of these make sense?=0. hurm, why did Allah created tribes in the first place, u tell me:

"O mankind! We have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another. Verily, the most honourable of you with Allah is that (believer) who has At-Taqwa . Verily, Allah is All-Knowing, All-Aware." (al-hujjrat, 49:13)

well, it's pretty obvious that islam won't spread out if one keep on revolving around the liking of him. Rasulullah even said once, something like "if you befriend with the perfume seller, you'll get the fragrance,....."it looks quite related to the topic, i assume? in a way, the perfume and its fragrance could resemble islam itself, and it spreads to the others by the mean of friendship. i wrong to come up with my own assumption?? plz tell me if you think i'm wrong in that sense. i need guidance~

p/s: look around u. there're so many things you can learn from. Allahuakbar, He does not create anything for nothing ^_^. be continued?

the CORE 1....

it has been quite a while since i wrote my last post..well, it can't be helped anyway....the internet connection in the college is craps...and now, since i reached the home finally, i better use it wisely to cover up the 'post debts' of mine throughout the past few weeks. ideas DID persistently pop out in my mind but when it comes to transferring it into verbal or literal means, i wasted them off. well, guess i got sumthin' to polish up a bit there.^_^


erm...for this moment, i feel like talking sumthin' on this thing called 'da'wah'. maybe i'll better stick to the arabic pronounciation of it. huhu....just for the sake of retaining the 'pride' concealed behind the sound, i'd say...and frankly said, i don't even know what does it mean in english...silly me, huh?

first of all...isn't it obvious that as a muslim, da'wah is the core of our life? that we shud grasp on and crowned with in everything we do? well, the fact that i describe it as a crown is because it is sooooooooooooooo valuable that no one but us since the day when Adam (AS) was descended to the earth have been specialised with it. ONLY US!!0_O:

"Ye are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in God. If only the People of the Book had faith, it were best for them: among them are some who have faith, but most of them are perverted transgressors." (ali-imran, 3:110)

so stay focus my brothers!! this shall be the only path we follow. watch out, don't submit to ur whims, and don't stray out! Allah has promised the best for us, and it's up to us whether we're going for it or not:

"Verily, Allah has purchased of the believers their lives and their properties; for the price that theirs shall be the Paradise." (at-taubah, 9: 111)

wallahu'alam, will be continued....
ah well, there're always things to say everyday....issues keep on crawling up the few front pages of every newspaper, like there's no end to it. even when you're surfing the net, thougths would always pop out into your mind when you come across something that catches your attention, right?
Man, i wish i'd swung the ball out of the park and mingle around the trusty companions of mine like i used to in the past..

things are getting much complicated nowadays and i have piles of assignment to submit. lately i'd always wondered, why are some seem indifferent towards having these?

and i came to a a resolution towards the anguish that i've been feeling....towards the despair that i've been revolving around ever since...

it's TIME. it's about how I concern about my TIME. it's about how I used my TIME.

there has been a lot of idioms proposed by the human beings concerning about it....and it somehow explains how worthy the TIME is.

that's why the arabics said once, 'TIME is just like a blade. if you don't cut it, it'll cut you'

that's why the english said once, 'procrastination is the thief of TIME'

and that's also why the Malay said once, 'TIME is golden'

well, better think about it again, and better yourself. TIME is not something that you could afford to lose.=X